General Repair/Brakes/ Suspension.

- Computer diagnostics

- Ait conditioning service and repair

- Brake repair

- Brake and lamp inspections

- Electrical system diagnosis and repair

- Cooling system service and repair

- Suspension Check

-A/C repair

-And more! Call now!

Estimates Starting at:

Brakes Per axle     $ 120.00(includes resurface rotors if needed)

Suspension Check   Free

Lift kits & lowering kits/ leveling kits   $295.00

A/C Repair    $65.00  (includes Evac& recharge & oil replacement)

Cooling system Diagnosis    $55.00




"The manifold was leaking so he [the mechanic] needed to order the parts, take it apart, put it back in, and seal it properly. It's a long process… 7 to 8 hours, but when it was completed, the problem went away. So I have nothing to say [to give it] two thumbs up."

— Sean R.



“Charles is fantastic. Promises on time, knows what he's doing, gets the job done, and I highly recommend him."


— Jose V.



"On time and professional."


— Daniel T.